Gyula Castle

The more than 600-year-old fortress is Gyula’s oldest building. It is the only surviving Gothic brick fortress built on the plains of the former Kingdom of Hungary, and is now part of Hungary’s heritage. No other secular edifice in Hungary has as large an interior from the era when Sigismund was king.
Unlike other castles, the fortress in Gyula was built on flat land from brick made from local clay.

László Kerecsényi and the 1566 siege of the fortress

2,000 soldiers had to face Pertev Pasha’s army of 30,000. It was the second day of July 1566 A.D. The pasha was known to be a relative of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who commanded the dreaded Ottoman army, which put Christian Europe under the rule of the half moon. However, the captain of the Gyula fortress, László Kerecsényi, and the brave soldiers under his command did not go quietly.



Gift Shop

The Rondella, the former cannon tower of the fortress, houses both a gift shop and a ticket office. There you can buy local produce – including jam, honey and fruit syrup – as well as various high quality souvenirs. Books, booklets and brochures on the history of town and its tourist attractions are also available in the gift shop. You can make souvenir coins and also purchase unique facsimile maps. You may want to visit the gift shop in order to take home some memorabilia of your visit to the fortress.

Event Locations

The fine halls of the over 600 hundred-year-old brick fortress dating back to the Middle Ages can be used as locations for family or corporate events and conferences. The chapel on the ground floor has been a favourite for weddings and christenings for a while now. For the charges and rental fees, contact us at +36 66 463 544 or

Museum Education

Though aimed at younger generations, the museum educational activities at the fortress attract both the young and the old. A 150-minute session entitled Renaissance Ceremonies offers guided tours with guides in period costume. Visitors may put on period clothes while visiting the exhibitions at the fortress, and end their visit by being knighted.

Guaranteed programmes

Guaranteed programmes Every Saturday

  • 11:00 Falconry demonstration
  • 10:30 and 13:30 Historical walk – presentation in the castle
  • 10:00-12:00 Calligraphy with a quill pen
  • 10:00-12:00 Dress up in period costume
  • Anvil, hammer and bellows – the smithy comes to life!
  • Electuarium – the trick for preserving fruit, in the bakehouse

Visit Us!

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Permanent Exhibition

There are 24 exhibition rooms at the fortress. The ground floor houses a jail, a pantry, a bakery, a smithy, a potter’s shop, a winery and a chapel. The upper floor houses rooms of the lord and lady of the fortress, an office of the lord of the fortress, the reception hall of the sanjak-bey (Ottoman officer commanding a district), a weapon store, a hall of halberds and a knight’s hall. The museum shows how the rooms of the lord and lady of the fortress were furnished, how the office of the lord of the fortress differed from the reception hall of the sanjak-bey and the weapons used in past centuries. The re-consecrated chapel is an ideal location for weddings and the knight’s hall for receptions and conferences.



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Visitor Feedback

  • A nice place. Interesting to see how they lived back than.

    Somsen Hillegon The Netherlands
  • We had a good time at the fortress. We were pleased to see that it has been nicely renovated, showing that there are wonders like this Hungary too, and not just in the west. We were first here as children, and now we have brought our own children here. Perhaps one day...

    The HORVÁTH family Baja
  • The castle and the neighbouring areas are beautiful and we also liked the exhibition.

  • Now Gyula too is among the cities witnessing our love.

  • We’d like to say thank you to the town of Gyula, which is a wonderful place with lots of sights to see!

    The TÍMÁR family Albertirsa
  • The castle has been temporarily occupied by Subcarpathian students forming part of a delegation from the Debrecen University of Reformed Theology led by Ferenc Kósa.



Standard tickets

  • Four-in-one package
  • HUF 3600

Discount tickets

  • Groups
  • HUF 850 /persons
  • Four-in-one package
  • HUF 1800 /persons
  • Four-in-one package for groups
  • HUF 1700 /persons

Group ticket

From 15 persons
HUF 1700 /person
  • Four-in-one package
  • HUF 3400 /perso
Additional information
  • Four-in-one package includes a visit to the permanent exhibition at the Visitor’s Centre in the Almásy Mansion, the look-out tower of the Almásy Mansion, the current temporary exhibition at the Visitor’s Centre in the Almásy Mansion and the Gyula Fortress.
  • Day-time students between 6 and 26 years of age and adults between 62 and 70 years of age are eligible for discount tickets when showing their IDs.
  • Residents with a permanent address or place of stay in Gyula are eligible for a 50% discount.
  • Admission is free for the disabled and children under 6.
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